What the Critics are saying...

"This hugely talented song-and-dance man from Marinette, Wis., is a refugee from performing on cruise ships...He's trained as a musician and dancer, and has charm and charisma to match his technique."

-- Chris Jones/Chicago Tribune (Hot New Faces in Chicago Theater/2012)


"...formidably talented...Logan has a fine spirit and sense of physical optimism to match his pipes."

-- Chris Jones/Chicago Tribune (Time After Time: The Songs of Jule Styne/Theo Ubique/2012)


"Chris Logan as Allen is ingratiating in the best sense of the word as he narrates his own life story. Logan's dance skills in particular set off sparks in Cameron Turner's snappy choreography. His voice seldom falters, and he excels at delivering the "You know you love me!" sass that this show's version of Allen requires."

-- Kerry Reid/Chicago Tribune (The Boy From Oz/Pride Films & Plays/2015)


"...Christopher Logan...has enough dangerous charisma to burn a hole in the back wall of the auditorium."

-- Kerry Reid/Chicago Trbune (Pippin/Circle Theatre/2013)


"The Chicago production features Chris Logan in the hugely demanding role. A wiry actor with fine song-and-dance skills, and chiseled features and dirty blonde hair that are a good match for Allen’s, he very cannily suggests the mix of insecurity, vulnerability and selfishness of the man he is playing. Logan is not afraid to let you dislike Allen at certain moments, even if you understand the reasons for his behavior."

-- Hedy Weiss/Chicago Sun-Times (The Boy From Oz/Pride Films & Plays/2015)


"...Christopher Logan [is] the standout among the show's quartet of young performers...Logan's performance bears a Danny Kaye-like quality."

-- Kris Vire/Time Out Chicago (A Cole Porter Songbook/Theo Ubique/2013)

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